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Summerville Family Health Team: Quality Improvement Plan

At Summerville, we are on a continuous journey of quality improvement. The Excellent Care for All Act, an Ontario Government legislation, fosters a culture of continuous quality improvement through:

According to Summerville’s Strategic Plan (2019-2022), having high quality primary care services is considered in both the Mission and Values.  One of Summerville FHT’s strategic priorities is “Demonstrating Excellence in Learning and Innovation” which includes a focus on Quality Improvement.

Our 2022/23 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) addresses each of the high priority areas as defined by Ontario Health with the below initiatives for SFHT:

  1. Timely and efficient transitions
    • Increase the percentage of screen eligible patients aged 52 to 69 years who screened for breast cancer (mammogram).
    • Increase the percentage of screen eligible patients aged 52 to 74 years who screened for colorectal cancer.
    • Increase the percentage of screen eligible patients aged 23 to 69 years who screened for cervical cancer (Pap smear).
    • Enhance percentage of those hospital discharges (any condition) where timely (within 48 hours) notification was received, for which follow-up was done within 7 days of discharge.
    • Improve percentage of patients and clients able to see a doctor or nurse practitioner on the same day or next day, when needed.
  2. Providing service excellence
    • Enhance the percentage of patients who stated that when they see the doctor or nurse practitioner, they or someone else in the office (always/often) involve them as much as they want to be in decisions about their care and treatment.
  3. Safe and effective care for our patients and clients
    • Increase the percentage of non-palliative patients newly dispensed an opioid prescribed by any provider in the health care system.
    • Enhance percentage of patients discharged from hospital who had a Medication Reconciliation in their files.

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Narrative is a brief overview of our plan and the focus areas. Download here: 

Attachment (click to download):
 Unkown Document narrative_export.pdf