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2024 Respiratory Illness Season

As the winter respiratory illness season comes to an end, many of us are starting to spend time outdoors with family and friends. But some respiratory illnesses such as  COVID-19, RSV, flu and other common colds and viruses are still in the community.  If you do fall ill and feel that you need to see a physician or nurse practitioner, please call your doctor’s office to make an appointment. We will ensure you get the care you need, when you need it.

Protect yourself this fall and winter - Region of Peel (peelregion.ca)

COVID-19 Testing

If you are at high risk of severe outcomes of COVID-19 you may be eligible for PCR or rapid molecular testing at your local pharmacy.  Additionally, you may access rapid antigen tests through local public health units, pharmacies, and other health care providers (including physiotherapists, dentists, allied health professionals, etc.) who choose to distribute. Rapid tests for COVID are more likely to be positive later in the course of illness (day 4) - so daily testing is more useful than testing once early in illness.

COVID-19 Treatment
Antiviral treatments should be strongly considered for individuals with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms who have a positive rapid molecular or rapid antigen test and who are at high risk of severe outcomes.

Information on Post-COVID-19 Condition (i.e., Long COVID)
A significant proportion of people who contract COVID are left with ongoing symptoms, commonly termed “Long COVID”. The nature of these symptoms and the duration of the illness differ between people. More information can be found on here: Post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) - Canada.ca

Page updated: April 2024